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In order to assist you create the ideal distinctive style that nobody else has, Houston Wheel Repair offers both custom wheel painting and powder coating services..

Bent Wheel Repair

Your wheel's inner or outer lip may bend as a result of potholes, curbs, traffic obstructions, and debris. Uneven tire wear, high-speed vibrations, and even your vehicle's safety itself may arise from this. The majority of the time, bent wheels may be skillfully fixed by the experts at Bent Wheel Repair using our high-tech hydraulic system and accuracy measuring indicator equipment. After the wheel-straightening procedure is finished, the wheel is prepared for the tire to be mounted, balanced, and reinstalled on your car to get you rolling again smoothly and safely.

Cracked Wheel Repair

Wheels with cracks are a problem for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Cracks are ugly from a cosmetic standpoint and are prone to cause corrosion. The safety of your car is a more urgent worry because cracks progressively grow over time. A cracked rim will have reduced integrity and may result in problems with the steering, suspension, and tires. The wheels are initially checked for any cracks. Only rims that comply with our exacting safety standards will be fixed. Our skilled specialists repair the damaged region with welding or CNC machining after removing the wheel from the vehicle.

Curb Rash Repair

Even the greatest drivers occasionally make ugly scratches, scrapes, or dings on their wheels, which are a crucial component of the overall look of their vehicle. I Just Hit A Pot Hole's qualified and experienced specialists repair your wheels to their original beauty if you have damage to them as a result of striking a pothole, hitting a curb, running over road debris, or any other accident.

When fixing cosmetic wheel damage, we remove the wheels from your car and clean, repair, prime, paint, and bake on a clear coat for longevity and protection.

Powder Coating

• Greater Resistance: Wheel rims are frequently used. In addition to damage from road debris like stones and gravel, exposure to the elements can result in corrosion, chipping, and flaking.

• Durability: Your wheel rims are baked at extremely high temperatures in an oven after the powder coating particles are sprayed onto them. In addition to making the particles stick together, baking also enables the powder coating to cure.


• Superior Coverage: In comparison to liquid paints, powder coating offers superior coverage.

Custom Painting

It can be difficult to give your car the ideal look. When you witness half a dozen cars in town sporting the same styles and finishes, even brand-new, high-end wheels from companies like Vossen, Giovanna, or HRE may seem a little too ordinary. How can you ensure that your vehicle stands out from the competition and embodies your unique sense of style? Making your own special finish for your wheels with a custom paint job or powder coat is one option.

While powder coating claims a harder, more resilient finish that is better suited to single color, complete wheel applications, custom painting typically offers a wider range of colors and design options.

Machine Finish

A CNC lathe is used to make the Machined Finish wheel. To get the polished-looking finish, the machine digitally analyzes the wheel's shape before the CNC lathe uses a diamond-tipped probe to trim out a hair's breadth of aluminum. It has a somewhat brushed appearance, but instead of looking like the bottom of a CD, it will catch and reflect light, producing a rainbow spectrum. Given that the clear coat finish has not yet been applied, the wheel in this image does a good job of capturing the rainbow effect. The brilliance gradually fades after applying the clear coat, yet the effect is still enthralling.

Vehicle Wraps

Compared to vinyl wraps, liquid wraps are more cost-effective. While adding a protective coating on top of your vehicle's original OEM paint job, it allows you the option to change the color of your car. In most circumstances, they may be applied in a matter of hours, dry in a matter of minutes, and, with good maintenance, can endure for many years. If you want to temporarily alter the appearance of your automobile while offering some protection without lowering its resale value, both liquid and vinyl car wraps might be excellent investments.

Blackout Packages

A chrome deletion car wrap uses black, either in satin, matte, or gloss finishes, to cover the chrome components of your car. Typically, the window trim, grille, or area around the headlights are made of chrome. Chrome deletion wraps from Metro Restyling come in 2, 3, or 4-inch widths. Place an order with KPMF, Avery Dennison, or 3M.

Instead of the fairly tacky chrome trim look, full or partial chrome deletion wraps give your car a more aggressive appearance. Chrome erase wraps normally last 5-7 years, while there may be an exception for harsh environments or places where vinyl film is used.

About Us

Since its founding in 1996, Houston Wheel Repair (HWR) has grown to be the top supplier of custom and specialty finishes in the sector. We have been in the vehicle & wheel business for more than 25 years, longer than anyone else with the same ownership. We contributed to Houston's wheel and tire industry's modern innovations. The "SAME DAY RIM REPAIR" service was first introduced by HWR in the late 1990s. Our innovations are deeply ingrained in who we are. Today, we are delighted to offer Powder Coating, a cutting-edge technology in powder coating that combines eco-friendly clean pre-treatment with improved application techniques and pulse power technology. Fusion Coating is a patented process.

Regular spray-painted wheels were never able to accomplish what wheels with a machined face could. The wheel's surface is rotated as a machine delicately scrapes away a small layer from it. This reveals a uniform, glossy, and smooth metal surface. The clever "paint in the pockets" appearance can also be left behind if the wheel had previously been painted; in this case, the remaining surface is a pattern of the exposed raw metal and previous paints.

On a Murdered Out car or truck, everything is black or "blacked out," including the exterior paint, windows tint (typically 20% or less), wheels, insignia and emblems, and occasionally other features like chrome highlights and taillights.

Before painting your car black, all chrome must be removed. Black paint is required for the beltline around the car, any branding or logos, window trim, headlight and brake light rings, and grills.

Brake calipers that have been specially painted are a fantastic way to give your car a splash of color. It offers the car a subdued appearance that doesn't instantly stand out but adds just enough to make it truly yours. Depending on your budget, you can easily remove the brake calipers and paint them or leave them on the vehicle.

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